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Jeff Chandler Photography

About the logo design--

Yes it is a demon, yes it is taking your picture and yes since we all believe everything we read on the internet according to the Uncyclopedia on cameras " a device which records, stores, and manipulates both still images and eternal souls..." for more information and just a hilarious read please visit the link below...

Seriously there many cultures today that don't allow their photographs to be taken. From what I have read it stems from folklore about mirrors containing souls. In days not to far past people would cover up mirrors during funerals to make sure the soul wasn't trapped.

People still believe that a photograph can steal your soul, or part of it. The Aborigines of Australia, some native Americans, some towns in Mexico if you use your camera in a church you will likely see jail time. At least with DSLR's and SLR's since they still use a mirror.

My interest in the folklore of soul stealing came about because of an article I read as a kid about Crazy Horse and how even on his death bed would not allow a photo to be taken, it sucked me in to learn more. My logo evolved partially from that interest and from the dirty abandoned locations that people wanted me to photograph them at. It really is just one of those things that has just stuck, so I talked it over with an extremely talented artist and this is the result! Check out her work here:

Don't mistake my logo as disrespect of other cultures or people.

Thanks for looking at my site and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Jeff Chandler

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